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What Should Highland Dance Call Me

By Highland dancers, for highland dancers.

Anonymous asked: Not a highland dancer, but a music student. Super random question, but for say, the 4 step fling, could any piece that fits the rhythm of the dance be used to dance to? Or is it only certain pieces? I've always been particularly interested in learning about different types of dance music. :)

In general, yes a fling can be done to pretty much any strathspey. It does of course matter the speed of the strathspey though for sure, if it is too slow, or too fast it gets super difficult to dance to. Also, some strathspeys just have a nicer musicality to them that fits better with the movements and makes the dance easier to do, but that is more a dancers preference thing.

Hope this helps your interest! I am also a drummer in a highland pipe band, so if you have anymore musical questions hopefully I can help you out with answers :)


Anonymous asked: Hi! I've pulled my hamstring and I have a championship in two weeks so I don't have any time to rest it at the moment. I've been using tiger balm on it but I was wondering if you have any tips or remedies I could use. Thank you!

Hi there! 

Sorry it took me so long to reply! All I can tell you about a pulled muscle if you’re going to dance on it (which it sounds like you are) if try and tape it (like with kinesiotape or something like that) to give it some support so it doesn’t get any worse, and to make sure you stretch super well before dancing on it to warm it up properly.

After dancing, stretch it out again, and then put some ice on it so that it doesn’t get super inflammed and painful.

Good luck at your championship!