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What Should Highland Dance Call Me

By Highland dancers, for highland dancers.

Anonymous asked: What do you suggest to do to build up stamina? I get so exhausted by the end of the Flora that I can barely manage to do each half-turn properly! Are there any helpful exercises that you can recommend??

nothing builds Highland stamina like Highland dancing. We suggest dancing long steps full out every other day! Another favourite strategy of ours to build stamina is the double hop fling (doing the fling but hopping twice on each movement… *point, point. back, back. front, front. back, back*). You can also build stamina in normal day to day activities like when watching tv make yourself complete 20 high-cuts during each commercial break, then 30, then 40. If you also want to build endurance by cross-training swimming, sprinting and biking are all good options. Since Highland is mostly an anaerobic activity, we suggest doing activities at full out intervals for two mins (like sprinting) and then resting for two minutes to improve how your body reacts to short bursts of energy. Good luck with your training and we hope this was helpful! 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I absolutely love this page and I thought I would ask you for some advice! I am an early teen beginner highland dancer and I'm going to my first Highland games at the end of this summer! Any advice?

aw thanks angel! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! You can never practice too much and we would even suggest practising outdoors in your kilt to get used to the temperature, weight and sunshine that you’ll have to endure during the games. If you’re dancing a four step fling in competition maybe practice a six step fling on top of your regular training so when you dance on the day of the competition four steps will feel like nothing! On the day of the competition get up early and do some type of cardio/ stretching warm up such as a light jog and dynamic stretching (lunges, etc.) in order to ensure that your muscles are warm, loose and ready to move. Bring lots of water and possibly a tent or tarp to keep the sun off you because you will be outdoors all day. Go over your steps, review your corrections and have fun because that is what dancing is all about. Remember to listen for your call to line up and get there early to focus! When on stage focus on your breathing and enjoy your time. Two things that really draw the judges’ attention are elevation and presentation. So remember to jump high (with your feet pointed) and smile. Just go with the flow, have fun and you’ll rock it!!! :) hope this was helpful and good luck friend

Anonymous asked: What do you guys think of the dress green milne, im thinking of buying it(with my own money) and I need a second opinion.

love it love it love it! if you feel good in it, go for it! we’re sure you look beautiful and we would suggest pairing it with a black jacket just to spice up your life :) 

waywardholmes asked: Hey! Are you guys in premier A or B for Canadians?

premier AYYYY :)

Anonymous asked: What is the worst experience you have ever had on stage. Mine would be this guy during the reel who never really comes to competitions, he screwed up then while i did the step and pivot turn he was talking to me, on stage, at a compettion.

hahaaha aw he was probably just trying to make a friend!! or he thought you were cute, either way BOOYA! welp since there’s 2 of us we’ve go 2 stories for you (ayy double trouble)

1. My hornpipe pants ripped on stage in front of everyone. I was doing the last step and during one of the split high cuts my pants split too. I was so surprised I fell down on my butt and I stayed there for the rest of the dance pretending I was hurt because I didn’t want to stand up and have people realize my pants had ripped. but like at least I wasn’t wearing a thong right?!?

2. I started doing the last step of the Flora during the Lilt in competition. I mean they’re practically the same thing I bet nobody noticed…. :(