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What Should Highland Dance Call Me

By Highland dancers, for highland dancers.

puzzled-dragon asked: 2 Hornpipe stories for fun: 1) in my studio's 2011 June show, the premier class did a 16 step hornpipe challenge; in teams of 2 we had to dance all 16 steps of the hornpipe (in order), spelling each other off for breaks! the pair who made it through without a mistake got a prize--it was fun! 2) I love the pumping step (ehe), but in 2012 I lost my balance in a comp. and fell forward onto my fists--I pushed myself up on time but didn't place! no surprises there! goal this year: not to do that :P

hahahaahahahah!!! ^^IMPORTANT! 

also we have never meant anyone who likes the pumping step what kind of mutant are you?! (aka we are jealous because we fall on our faces every time when we attempt it and you are just the coolest for embracing it) 

Anonymous asked: are you guys both Canadian? would I know your names? or do you not tell anyone on here who you are... (that's okay obviously :P)

yup we are very Canadian! nah you probably wouldn’t know our names (unless you are our mothers because we swear half of our followers on here are fake accounts they have created to trick us into thinking people actually like us) and that’s ok because we prefer to live in obscurity anyways! whew ;)

Anonymous asked: hey there! do you guys really call your highland shoes ghillies? I know that's the proper name, but I've never heard/seen anyone actually call them that :P

yesyes we are freaks of nature!! 

Anonymous asked: What do you suggest to do to build up stamina? I get so exhausted by the end of the Flora that I can barely manage to do each half-turn properly! Are there any helpful exercises that you can recommend??

nothing builds Highland stamina like Highland dancing. We suggest dancing long steps full out every other day! Another favourite strategy of ours to build stamina is the double hop fling (doing the fling but hopping twice on each movement… *point, point. back, back. front, front. back, back*). You can also build stamina in normal day to day activities like when watching tv make yourself complete 20 high-cuts during each commercial break, then 30, then 40. If you also want to build endurance by cross-training swimming, sprinting and biking are all good options. Since Highland is mostly an anaerobic activity, we suggest doing activities at full out intervals for two mins (like sprinting) and then resting for two minutes to improve how your body reacts to short bursts of energy. Good luck with your training and we hope this was helpful!